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Bet You Have Never Had This Cut Of Steak Before!

The shoulder is located in the “chuck” area which takes a skilled person to extract.   So during the weekends is when I do most of my grocery shopping, at least for my main produce and meat. As I was in the well-known grocery store chain (Publix), I couldn’t help but spot a very lean … Continue reading

Sweet Potatoes & Yams The Same?

I find it amazing on how many people recognize that yams and sweet potatoes are the same vegetable. This could not be further from the truth. Although they might look somewhat similar on the exterior, internally and nutritionally they do differ quite a bit. Let’s explore! Yams are a tuberous vegetable that come from the … Continue reading

The REAL Way To Get A Six-Pack! Read here….

Are you one of those people who will do 1000 crunches and expect to get a six-pack like Rambo? Reality check, you can do 1000 everyday for the rest of your life, and I guarantee you will not look anywhere like Rambo. The key to getting rock hard sculpted abdominals lies within your diet! You mean I don’t … Continue reading

Post-Workout Replenishment

If you are serious about putting on muscle tissue, then read on, if not, then I might wonder what you are doing reading this blog…. All jokes aside, post-workout replenishment is one of if not the most important meals after your workout.  You really have a small window of opportunity after you work out no longer then 45 minutes … Continue reading

Low Levels Of Vitamin D Is Prevalent Amongst Americans

Did you know that in America 9/10 people were low in vitamin D, or borderline low? This really amazed me as I just could not understand why such the low levels, but it makes sense, a lot of it has to do with poor eating habits, which: 1).. you are not getting enough through diet, 2.). … Continue reading

Yes, You Should Exercise And Here Is Why!

How does increased energy, increased metabolism, improved muscle tone, better health, stress reduction, and improved self-esteem sound? Pretty darn good right? You might wonder how can exercise lead to all of this, well I will explain. Increased exercise leads to strengthening of the immune system, but again you do not want to overdo it because … Continue reading

A Look At The Mediterranean Diet

Growing up I was around a lot of Mediterranean food. I have to tell you, when you are a little kid the Mediterranean cuisines were not my favorite. I preferred McDonalds happy meal with a hamburger and super size fries. McDonalds did away with the “super size” so it’s no longer an option, probably for … Continue reading

What Does A Good Diet Look Like?

Many people fear the word diet and automatically think of starvation or some sort of famine. Not the case at all, diet simply means what “you” eat on a day-to-day basis. I’m going to give you an introduction about macronutrients (protein, fats, carbs). Proteins– are made up of amino acids and are polypeptides that serve as a biological … Continue reading

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