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The Importance of Neurotransmitters In Building Muscle

How many times did you tell yourself you don’t feel like going to the gym today? Better yet, you were too tired to get out of bed and get motivated for work. You had to tell yourself, I need a cup of coffee to get my day going. It amazes me the countless times I’ve … Continue reading

Are you training hard enough to yield gains? Read more to find out…..

How many times have you asked yourself the question(s)…Am I training too soon? Am I not training hard enough to elicit muscle break-down? Am I taking enough nutrition in? Is my timing of nutrition intake correct? Am I sleeping enough? The list goes on and I’m willing to bet you have at least asked yourself … Continue reading

Bet You Have Never Had This Cut Of Steak Before!

The shoulder is located in the “chuck” area which takes a skilled person to extract.   So during the weekends is when I do most of my grocery shopping, at least for my main produce and meat. As I was in the well-known grocery store chain (Publix), I couldn’t help but spot a very lean … Continue reading

Liver Integrity

The liver is a remarkable organ and I think most people take it for granted. It’s actually one of the only organs  that has the ability to regenerate itself. This organ plays a major role in metabolism and has a number of functions in the body, including glycogen storage, decomposition of red blood cells, plasma protein synthesis, hormone … Continue reading

Repeated Bout Effect & Its Correlation to (DOMS)

   I decided to write on this topic as it plays a significant role in continually making gains in the gym and one’s performance. Quite honestly, it took me quite some time to really understand this concept. In the beginning, most weight trainers will train to gain mass, but really do not have a rhyme or … Continue reading

Have You Tried Vanadyl Sulfate?

I can remember about a decade ago that vanadyl sulfate was one of the most hyped up supplements in the fitness/bodybuilding industry. I never knew much about it nor understood the mechanisms of action, however, some of the highlighted benefits were increased vascularity, better uptake of glucose, insulin sensitizer, harder/denser muscles, and increased pumps. I really liked the concept … Continue reading

Sweetened Almond Oil Versus Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As I’m writing this next article slash blog. I came to writing this article  fortuitously. Long story short, what had happened is that I was in the process of baking oatmeal protein cookies. I was looking for macadamia nut oil, however I was unlucky, I found sweetened almond oil which was the next best thing … Continue reading

Sweet Potatoes & Yams The Same?

I find it amazing on how many people recognize that yams and sweet potatoes are the same vegetable. This could not be further from the truth. Although they might look somewhat similar on the exterior, internally and nutritionally they do differ quite a bit. Let’s explore! Yams are a tuberous vegetable that come from the … Continue reading


Although a key event in the growth of the American Revolution, this blog unfortunately will not be focusing on British America and the Tea Act. I will discuss the benefits of tea, cultivation, and other aspects of tea, kind of sounds boring, right? Relax, you can learn something here! I was always told in college … Continue reading

The REAL Way To Get A Six-Pack! Read here….

Are you one of those people who will do 1000 crunches and expect to get a six-pack like Rambo? Reality check, you can do 1000 everyday for the rest of your life, and I guarantee you will not look anywhere like Rambo. The key to getting rock hard sculpted abdominals lies within your diet! You mean I don’t … Continue reading

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