About Nejim Sharbek

Nejim Sharbek grew up in a rural city outside of Cleveland, Oh. Ever since he was born, Nejim has been around medicine, his father being one of the prominent Ob/Gyns in the state of Ohio, he was always fascinated with the selfless act of wanting to help others. “I would remember visiting my dad’s office when I was a little kid and seeing all the thank you cards and pictures of new-born babies on the wall, it was really nice to witness that.” His impetus comes from seeing what he was able to accomplish, thus wanting to help others achieve the same whom are wanting it. Nejim attended rigorous college prepatory schooling while in Ohio his last 3 years of highschool. After graduation Nejim continued his education outside of Ohio in Florida where he received a scholarship. In 2003 Nejim graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tampa. Post graduation Nejim has been involved in the health/wellness industry and recognized as an international fitness icon. Among fitness modeling, editorial writing, guiding IFBB/NPC athletes,and being featured in national publications are just some of the many accolades that Nejim prides himself on. Nejim decided to stay on the path of health/wellness and started to work with longevity/weight loss clinics. His knowledge with marketing, social media, branding, product positioning, nutraceuticals, nutrition, fitness/exercise  made him an asset in helping clinics cut away from the cookie-cutter approach of weight loss, and to take it to another level. Nejim emphasizes that most clinics fail at addressing  “long-term” weight loss, and focus on short-term which is a dangerous cycle that ends up in yo-yo dieting. “The clients get a feeling of comfort when it comes to meeting someone who can walk the talk, if you want to get advice on a particular subject, you want to go to the best.” Nejim continues to be up-to-date with health/wellness by attending A4M seminars, certifications,  continued education in the field, demo shows, and living/preaching the proactive lifestyle of health.

* If you are a clinician and are interested in minimizing your learning curve in weight loss/nutrition contact me to discuss options in partnering/or assisting your establishment and making it profitable in less than 1 years time. You can reach me via email at biochemphysique@gmail.com to discuss opportunities. Thank you.



One thought on “About Nejim Sharbek

  1. I was wondering if you knew of any sports nutritionists in the Tampa Bay Area? My husband is training for an iron man and is in search of one but we aren’t having any luck finding one.

    Posted by Kaitlin | June 3, 2013, 1:53 am

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