The Importance of Neurotransmitters In Building Muscle

coffeeHow many times did you tell yourself you don’t feel like going to the gym today? Better yet, you were too tired to get out of bed and get motivated for work. You had to tell yourself, I need a cup of coffee to get my day going.

It amazes me the countless times I’ve heard I need to get my coffee or I can’t function. On your way to work, just take a glance at Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts, even McDonald’s started incorporating coffees and exotics carried at big coffee chains. Caffeine achieves many of its effects by blocking the activity of adenosine, a neurotransmitter that nearly affects every bodily system.  Because of the primary actions of adenosine is to make us tired or sleepy, caffeine, by blocking the uptake of adenosine, keeps us from feeling the effects of fatigue. As a consequence caffeine can affect other neurotransmitters such as: dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, and in high doses norepinephrine. By increasing dopamine, we naturally feel good. By increasing serotonin via caffeine, it has an effect on depression (not clinical), also relieves migraine headaches. By increasing acetylcholine, it may improve long-term memory and aging of the brain.



So let’s fast-forward a bit. What do you see in the 3rd generation preworkouts? I’ll spill the beans. There are nootropics and compounds that affect mental acuity, focus, drive, etc. You will see agents such as, vinaceptine, vincamine, acetylcholine, acetyl l-carnitine, dmaa,  xanathines in various forms (this is just complicated way of saying various forms of caffeine). The central nervous system overrides the muscular system and as supplementation has evolved so have the preworkouts. It is imperative to have all of these in a quality preworkout, having drive, focus, perfusion to the brain and muscles will all have a positive effect on your workout as you will have the drive to crush the weights and cardio.

I will next discuss adrenal fatigue and caffeine overload which in America is a huge issue.


About Nejim Sharbek

I am an expert in Fitness/Nutrition. My job is to help people achieve their goals and teach them about sound nutrition.


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