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Bet You Have Never Had This Cut Of Steak Before!

US Beef cuts.svgThe shoulder is located in the “chuck” area which takes a skilled person to extract.


So during the weekends is when I do most of my grocery shopping, at least for my main produce and meat. As I was in the well-known grocery store chain (Publix), I couldn’t help but spot a very lean thick piece of well-cut meat. At first from a glance, I thought it was a filet mignon, but this was too unique to be a filet, so I proceeded more closely, and immediately I noticed the $4.99/pd which caught my eye. What could this be I asked myself? It read “beef shoulder petite tender,” normally I would think that a shoulder would be tough meat. Conversely, shoulder meat is one of the most tender meats out there. What’s unique about his meat is that it takes a skilled person to extract and this is why it is seldomly used or heard about.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to purchase this to try it out. As I got home, I unopened the cyran wrap and started seasoning the meat, this was very dense thick meat, very good quality, I was really impressed with the price point. After seasoning, I proceeded outside to grill on a very warm sunny day. I grilled it just perfectly with a slightly pink center on the inside. As it was cooking, I couldn’t help but slice off a piece to try as I was impatiently waiting. Immediately it melted in my mouth and the meat just fell apart, but the most distinguishing part of the meat was the flavorful taste! So much zing to this meat which I’ve never had before. After doing some reasearch I found out this is most comparable to the filet mignon, but with my experience, this beats the filet mignon hands down and is substantially cheaper.

If you are looking for a cut that packs a lot of flavor, has a unique taste, and comparable to a filet mignon with a price point more than half per pound less, give this a try, you will thank me you tried this unique cut. Until next time, enjoy!


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