Although a key event in the growth of the American Revolution, this blog unfortunately will not be focusing on British America and the Tea Act. I will discuss the benefits of tea, cultivation, and other aspects of tea, kind of sounds boring, right? Relax, you can learn something here!

I was always told in college by a professor that we do not consume enough tea and way too much sodas instead! Tea is loaded with antioxidants, some naturally sweeter than others, and much better then sodas. I’m sure this is commonsense, at least I would like to think that most of you believe this.

Tea is made from cured leaves Carnellia sinensis plant in hot water. The interesting thing is tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. Water is the first! Keep in mind I said in the “world”, not the U.S., I’m sure tea is not the second most consumed beverage in the U.S.

There are at least 6 types of tea : green tea, oolong, black tea, white, yellow, post-fermented teas (Carnelia sinsensis). Teas such as red tea, chamomile and others are from a different plant. The darker the tea, usually the more oxidation has occurred to those leaves.

Catechins are teas antioxidants, which are highly concentrated in green and white teas. Black has the fewest due to it being oxidised more than the others as I mentioned, oxidation is not a good thing if one is trying to reap nutrients.  Tea does contain natural caffeine, along with theobromine/theophylline. Tea contains an amino acid l-theanine which is shown to increase cognitive recognition and reduce stress. This amino acid also helps boost immunity by increasing the amount of T cells. If you want to drink a lot of tea but are worried about the caffeine, just get the decaffeinated tea, solves the problem.

Tea in some cultures can be found consumed in high-class social events. Tea in other areas of the world e.g. Middle East, is one of the first drinks given to a guest when welcomed into a home. Unlike in America, they might give you a drink of scotch, whiskey, beer, etc. So you can see the differences around the world, quite amazing. The Chinese incorporate tea in some of their ceremonies. In Britain it’s known as a national drink. It’s really interesting to see how this plant can vary from culture to culture all over the world.

Tea comes in different forms. It can come in tea bags, loose dry leaves, pre-made (canned), instant tea. I personally like to infuse my teas, or drink them from tea bags. Tea gives me a calming effect that lets me relax and detoxify my body from the environmental pollutants that I inadvertently subject my body too. One thing is that tea is enjoyed all over the world and will remain to be the most popular drink in consumption. Drink up!



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I am an expert in Fitness/Nutrition. My job is to help people achieve their goals and teach them about sound nutrition.


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